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Cast steel melt pumps

Cast steel melt pumps adopt the highest robust design, so can satisfy even the highest demands for chemical and industrial systems. Cast steel gear pumps benefits, applications, and technologies are as follows.

Cast steel melt pumps

Cast steel melt pumps Benefits and advantages:
Extensive viscosity range
Large temperature spectrum
High degree of process reliability thanks to optimised heat channels
Large pressure range
High degree of efficiency thanks to application-specific clearances
Long lifetime
Operational safety

Cast steel melt pumps application areas:
Discharge pressure [bar]: Vacuum to 350
Differential pressure [bar]: to 350
Pump size: 22/22 to 140/180
Throughput [l/min]: 0.5 to 1,750
Temperature [°C]: -30 to 320
Viscosity [mPa s]: 0.3 to 4 Mio.

Cast steel melt pumps applications:
Cast steel extrusion gear pumps are widely used in chemical and industrial systems. High process pressures, high temperatures and high-viscosity media are common in such environments. And it is in precisely these environments that tried-and-tested gear pumps from Batte display their true potential.

Cast steel melt pumps are robust, heatable conveying units made from cast steel that satisfy the high quality demands of the chemical processing industry. The extremely wide selection of components and materials allow customised pumping technology solutions to be created even when reliability is crucial.

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