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Cast iron melt pumps

Cast iron melt pumps are gear pumps for lubricant applications or in process technology systems even when maximum reliability is key. Cast iron gear pumps applications, benefits, and other details are as follows.

cast iron melt pump

Cast iron melt pumps Application Operational Range:
Discharge pressure [bar]: Vacuum to 120
Differential pressure [bar]: to 120
Pump size: 22/6 to 140/180
Throughput [l/min]: 0.1 to 1,750
Temperature [°C]: -30 to 150
Viscosity [mPa s]: 0.3 to 4 Mio.

Cast iron melt pumps Benefits:
Extensive viscosity range
Large temperature spectrum
Large pressure range
High degree of efficiency thanks to application-specific clearances
Reliability and many years' experience
Long lifetime
Operational safety

The extrusion gear pump is extremely reliable pump units made from cast iron that satisfy the strict quality demands of industrial plants. In each production facility, there are key components that would stop production were they to fail. For this reason, priority is given to high-quality and reliable components when designing the process.

Systems are in constant operation need reliable components. Whether they are in lubricant applications or in process technology systems, cast iron melt pumps are expected to operate in the background, but reliably. And it is in precisely this environment that the tried-and-tested cast iron gear pumps from Batte display their true potential.

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