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Overall strategy and competitive strategy

Overall strategy and competitive strategy
    Batte Company 2015 - 2020 development of the overall strategy is: to highlight the main business, optimize resources structure; strengthen the quality of management, improve the internal mechanisms; absorb personnel training, the implementation of win-win strategies; solid foundation for development, improve profitability; shaping corporate culture, enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development, as the Batte industrial building into a distinctive characteristics and unique business model, a large investment holding company to lay a solid foundation.
    The overall strategy to achieve the above, shall adopt and implement the following three competitive strategies:
    1, Industry consolidation and reorganization of the strategic center next five years should be configured to optimize the company's resources and industrial structure, the implementation of industry consolidation and reorganization placed strategically central location to catch all of the work, to promote the "three-year plan , five-year plan, "the established strategy, and strive to improve concentration and scale of company resources, enhance the core competitiveness of the company industry.
    2, In order to improve the professional level of operational management. The next five years, companies of all industries and business units should be to improve the professional level of operational management as a key work good job, trying to put the company's existing industry to do it, so specialized, and stronger. To this end, each business group and business units should first concentrate on handling business products and services, in specialization and professional skills training make great efforts to vigorously develop high-level professional managers, professional and technical and management team, to make our products and services value chain development, design, manufacture, marketing and service can create the ideal value, and thus enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the surplus was more market share and achieved return on equity higher than the industry average. In good products and services on the basis of business, has formed a certain scale of the industry and the conditions are ripe, we can gradually transition to the brand management. Thus the specialized operation management and marketing capabilities of the company's main business to a new level. Implementation of the three-brand strategy, should concentrate on doing three things: First, the establishment of a dedicated brand management agency, in-depth review and research the brand connotation, philosophy and unique business model; the second is the implementation of brand engineering, focus on creating quality projects , quality service and model projects, so that the brand has a considerable influence on the physical and chemical carriers; third is to seize local opportunities to expand the brand's external influence and visibility.
    3, In order to lay a solid foundation management, improve the management quality of enterprises on the basis of Generally speaking, the company's management should be the rule of man steering system of governance, from top to bottom solid foundation management, and gradually realize the scientific management, standardized and institutionalized. According to the company's deployment, strengthen the management of the work in three phases. The first stage is to adjust the company's headquarters organizational structure, improve the company's corporate governance structure, adjust the team's general manager of the division of responsibilities, adjust and strengthen the management functions of the headquarters departments, so as to achieve enhanced control and optimization of the company's goals. The company is headquartered in the future should focus on strengthening the strategic management, investment management and financial budget management, strengthen risk prevention mechanism, improve information management. The second stage is to straighten out the parent company management model, the progressive realization of equity (shareholders) management. The third stage is the establishment of a sound field in all directions.

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