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Application of Melt Gear Pump in Screw Extrusion System

Before using the melt gear pump in the plastic extrusion system, try the unstable conveying of screw extruder, which results in inadequate materialization; the unstable softening point of material or the broken solid bed in the melting section, the fluctuation of motor load and the unequal feeding lead to the fluctuation of screw extrusion, thus affecting the quality of finished products, such as the thickness is not equal. All, low accuracy. What are the advantages of using melt gear pump in screw extrusion system?

The addition of the melt gear pump isolates the fluctuation of the extrusion screw from the head and downstream equipment, thus greatly reducing the fluctuation of the upstream and playing a stabilizing role; in the ideal state, there is no material sliding during the material conveying process of the melt gear pump, that is, the constant conveying volume, regardless of the inlet of the melt gear pump. As long as the material entering the melt gear pump can fill the groove, the melt gear pump can transport the material to the machine head with stable pressure and flow. The application of melt gear pump can effectively reduce the reject rate and improve the quality of products, prolong the service life of screw extruder, reduce the production cost of extrusion system, thereby improving the overall economic benefits. The application of melt gear pump in screw extrusion system mainly embodies four advantages: 1. stabilizing output pressure; 2. improving product quality; 3. increasing extrusion output; 4. reducing unit energy consumption.

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