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Problems in the Use of Melt Pumps

  The batte melt pump manufacturer will tell you some matters needing attention in the daily use of the melt pump.

  Melt pumps for conveying high temperature, high pressure and high viscosity melts in industries such as Juku, chemical fibre, rubber and plastics must have reliable sealing effect. Melt pumps should have the characteristics of no leakage or less leakage, simple installation, long service life, low replacement cost, short production cycle of spare parts and avoidance of gear shaft wear. Lantai Melt Pump Manufacturer provides the seal of the shaft end of the melt pump in the form of single mechanical seal, packing seal or screw seal (at present, the new generation of extrusion gear pump in Lantai mostly adopts combined seal to reduce the leakage of the melt pump); as the melt pump in the actual use process, it needs to stop repeatedly and reduce the temperature. If the polymer material conveyed is not fully melted or deteriorated, and the wear and tear of seals or journals is easy, it will lead to material leakage or even seal failure, especially mechanical seals and magnetic seals with high manufacturing costs, which greatly improves the production and maintenance of manufacturers. At the same time, it also reduces the production efficiency.

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