batte melt pump

Failure of extrusion melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte melt pump manufacturer inspects the fracture position of the pump shaft of the malfunctioning extrusion melt pump. The metallographic microscope can clearly see that the metallographic structure of the gear shaft is hard and brittle, and the carbide tends to form a network. Once the carbide forms a network structure, the mechanical properties of the material will be greatly reduced.

The extrusion melt pump provided by Zhengzhou melt pump manufacturer is a kind of positive displacement conveying device, the flow rate is strictly proportional to the speed of the extrusion melt pump; it is suitable for conveying polymer melt with high temperature and high viscosity. It has high temperature resistance for the pump, high hardness and wear resistance of parts and components, and good corrosion resistance and reliable sealing.

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