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Common malfunction/Countermeasure of spinning metering pump

One problem: silk fineness unevenness Reasons and Countermeasures: Abnormal: check the operation of the metering pump, check the metering pump. Component leakage: fastening bolts or replacing components. The speed of the metering pump is un

Application of melt pump in plastic and chemical industry

The melt pump is suitable for the transportation, pressure measurement and measurement of high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt.. The main function of the extruder will be the high temperature melt pressure and constant pressure, and keep t

Advantages of using melt pump

Out of the installation of the BATTE melt pump - Zhengzhou batte melt pump Co., Ltd. is the production of melt pump main function in the production line is from extrusion machine high temperature melt pressure, stabilized flow steadily into

Batte melt pump installation and use of step

Batte melt pump installation and use of step 1 carefully check the packing of the pump, if there is any damage or loss, please contact our company immediately.. This pump is made of high temperature alloy steel, and all parts are treated with high ha

Uniflo Static Mixer

Uniflo Static Mixer also called USM, and allows continuous mixing and blending for a variety of materials by dividing the melt stream continually. The features, benefits, and applications are as follows.

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