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Plastic Plate Die

Once processors have experience with our carbide coatings to protect Plastic Plate Die from abrasion and corrosion, they often ask if we can coat other wear items in their process. This has resulted in our Cushion Master carbide protecting non-return valves, Ultrasonic Welding Horns, ejector pins, mold surfaces, polymer gear pumps, pneumatic conveying tubing, etc. We have developed solutions for all of these items, some very successful and some less so. We are open to helping find solutions to w

Coating Film Die

What are our extrusion mould advantage? 1.Over 10 years working experience on extrusion mould 2.A number of large-scale producion lines, strong technical strength and advanced production equipment. 3.Good quality, timely delivery. 4.Supplier of many well -know companies. Coating Film Die Applications: stationery film,print film,retain fresh film Item Specification Diesteel P20/5CrNiMo Material PE/HDPE/LDPE/PA/PS/LDPP/HDPP/ABS/EVA/PC/PMMA. width from 800mm to 3000mm, thickness below 2mm Widthofth

Co-extrusion Die

Custom-engineered Co-extrusion Die , backed by years of experience in the field of die design and manufacturing, provide you with equipment that refines your final product while creating efficiencies in your production process. Each of our extrusion die systems is custom-designed to meet your needs and process parameters. Below youll find cast film dies, extrusion coating and laminating dies, and sheet dies with removable lips and deckling to adapt to changes in production needs. Nordson also of

PVC Sheet Die/T-Die/Flate Die

PVC Sheet Die/T-Die/Flate Die Application field PVC Sheet Die/T-Die/Flate Die Transport industry:Ship, plane, bus, train, floor covering, core layer,indoors decoration plate architecture decoration industry Outdoors plate, indoors decoration decoration frame, plate used in dust-free room. Ceiling plate Advertisement industry: Screen printing, computer engraving, ad. Board, exhibition plate, logo plate PVC Sheet Die/T-Die/Flate Die Industrial application: Rot-proof project in chemical industry, t

Lamination Film Die

Product description Coating die structure of hangers, special die lip, with a 90 choke rod, can adjust material flow. The thickness of the products can be adjusted.Die using imported high-quality die steel or alloy steel. Lamination Film Die Application: Packaging/Health industry/Construction industry/car Item Specification Thicknessoftheproduct Thickness:0.002mmor2m(rate5%) Widthofthedie Width:700-4000mmadjustable HeatVoltage 220Voraccordingyourneed Heatingway Heatingbarsmadeofstainlesssteelfro

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