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Common malfunction/Countermeasure of spinning metering pump

One problem: silk fineness unevenness

Reasons and Countermeasures:
Abnormal: check the operation of the metering pump, check the metering pump.
Component leakage: fastening bolts or replacing components.
The speed of the metering pump is unstable: the speed of the metering pump is adjusted..
Insufficient pump pressure before: increase the pressure of the pump.
Filament or filament breaking: according to the relevant treatment measures.

Question two: metering pump leakage

Reasons and Countermeasures:
The pressure of the pump is too large: the replacement of the components.
Pump seat uneven or there are residues: clean residue, check the replacement pump seat.
Fixed screw loosening: screw according to correct method.

Question three: metering pump card or broken shaft

Reasons and Countermeasures:
There are foreign objects in the melt: the material is checked, and the drive shaft should rotate smoothly..
Pump body preheating is not enough: increase the preheating temperature, prolong the preheating time.
Not timely shipment, dry grinding time is too long: after the boot material.
Boot speed time is too fast: the appropriate extension of speed time.
The transmission shaft is not concentric: adjust the transmission shaft and the coaxial degree of the metering pump.

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