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Difference between single - stage pump and multi - stage pum

Difference between single - stage pump and multi - stage pump definition:

Single-stage pump is defined only one impeller pumps, general single-stage pump maximum lift is only 125 meters, has simple structure, stable performance, high speed, small size, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, easy to operation and maintenance advantages.

Multistage pump is a lot of single-stage pump simple series, together. His output can be very hydraulic. Is a centrifugal pump, but also rely on the impeller rotating in the centrifugal force, thereby material. When the gas density reached the working range of the mechanical vacuum pump, it was pumped out, and gradually got high vacuum.. Multi - stage pump is the change of the pump chamber volume to achieve suction, compression and exhaust, so it is a variable volume of the centrifugal pump.

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