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Knowledge of pipeline pump

Knowledge of pipeline pump:

The internal rotation of the water rose too, the internal pressure becomes small, due to the atmospheric pressure, the water enters the turbine part. In fact, the pump is generally installed directly on the pipe road, called the pipe pump.
Small pipe pumps are often used in the water pressure shortage of the water pipe to increase the water pressure, but also for other water cycle system.

pipeline pump

There are hot water pipe pump, micro pipe pump, etc........
General single-phase 380v/3 plastics PPO 12 11 3 2 4 12 10 9 8 6 5 3 2 pipeline pump, the motor casing, a motor stator, a motor rotor, a sealing sleeve 4, a water pump shell, a water pump impeller and end cover 7, a motor shaft, a filter, an end cover slot, a sealing ring 11 and graphite bearing component, which is characterized in that a sealing sleeve of the motor stator and electric machine rotor shielding is separated, and the sealing rubber ring seal, in the end cover 7 in a filter, the end cover 7 on the end cover slot 10, bearing the graphite sliding bearings, water pump impeller using modified polyphenylene ether, motor shell 1 uses a die cast aluminum alloy or cast iron material, the power supply voltage common phase 220v/ AC. power + watt to several hundred watts range.

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