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Independent three generations of technology has made a major

  CGNPC chairman He Yu said: "The nuclear localization DCS is a strategic requirement CGNPC, China's nuclear power is safe and efficient development of the necessary requirement .FirmSys line application in Yangjiang 5,6 units, marking onto a large-scale nuclear power plant we have digitized instrumentation and control system of strategic security highlands, for the development and promotion of intellectual property rights of third generation nuclear power technology ACPR1000 +, the realization of China's nuclear power go out the strategic objectives laid a more solid technical foundation. "

  CGN "second five" science and technology investment 7.2 billion

  According to general manager of China Nuclear Science and Technology R & D Zou Yongping introduction, China Guangdong Nuclear formulated the "five-second" R & D Master Plan, including scientific and technical innovation with a total investment 7.25 billion yuan in 2011, 2012 respectively invested 1.26 billion yuan, 1.47 billion yuan, 2013 It is expected to invest 1.5 billion yuan, nearly three years research investment of more than 4.5% of main business revenue, higher than the national central business technology investment accounted for 2.5% of main business income requirements.
  At present, China Guangdong Nuclear has established a science and technology innovation team of nearly 3,000 research staff, the formation of a national, group stage, three members of the company-level R & D as the main research platform system, has 15 research and development centers, seven R & D center for the national R & D (experiment) center. As of October 31, 2013, a total commitment of 542 the preparation of national and industry standards of work, total patent applications 1226, the annual growth rate of over 30% patents, has obtained more than 600 patents, including patents more than 200, obtain a Chinese patent gold, two outstanding Chinese patent award.

  Independent three generations of technology has made a major breakthrough

  At present, the technical design has passed the Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the National Nuclear Security Administration to review the China Nuclear Energy Association, the four key tests as well as more than 10 individual tests have been completed, the domestic enterprises have mastered the required advanced fuel assemblies design capabilities, all master devices already have the ability to independently design and manufacturing capabilities, the preliminary safety analysis report has been completed, and some verification tests are Longgang District Baolong Industrial Park test base and is expected to be completed in the first half 2014.

  Conference, China Guangdong Nuclear also introduced PWR control rod drive mechanism independent research and development, nuclear passive emergency cooling water systems and high with the world's leading independent intellectual property nuclear fuel transport storage system (PMC) equipment. Among them, high nuclear power plant cooling water system can enhance the ability to respond to disasters, extreme superposition, so nuclear power plants to reduce the probability of core melt by 25.8%. Storage of nuclear fuel transport system has been applied Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base skills training center, and realization of the project in Fujian Ningde nuclear power plant supplier, Fangchenggang nuclear power plant and other nuclear power projects.

  "Britain, France Why agree CGN construction investment in the construction of nuclear power, because in the process of cooperation between the two sides, they are fully aware of the Chinese enterprises in the field of nuclear power after 30 years of development, has fostered the ability and strength. This is a very clear signal . "CGN spokesman Hu Guangyao said.
  Hu Guangyao said, "to accelerate the pace of scientific research and innovation, the formation of independent intellectual property rights of new generation nuclear power technologies and products meet the advanced technical standards, with market competitiveness is to improve the level of safety of nuclear power development, enhance our competitiveness in the market of nuclear power the only way A series of nuclear science and technology innovations include eight major scientific research, including nuclear power put into use, marking the China Guangdong Nuclear Power is moving from project development to technology and innovation-driven development to drive new stage of development. "

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