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Extrusion gear pump flow directly out of gear speed of the p

  Extrusion gear pump flow directly out of gear speed of the pump

  extrusion gear pump gear concept is very simple, that is, its most basic form is the same in both size gear in a tight-fitting housing intermeshing rotation, the inside of the casing like "8" shape, two gears mounted on the inside, the outside diameter and both sides work closely with the gear housing. Material from the extruder into the two gears in the middle of the suction port, and this space is filled, and as the rotational movement of the housing along the teeth, and finally discharged when the two toothing.

  On terminology, extrusion extrusion gear pump gear positive displacement device also known that like a piston inside the cylinder, when one tooth to another tooth into the fluid space, the liquid was squeezed out mechanically row. Because the liquid is incompressible, so the liquid and the teeth can not occupy the same space at the same time, so that the liquid was removed. Due to the constant mesh gear, this phenomenon occurs continuously and, therefore, the extrusion gear pump provides a continuous export exclusion amount. Extrusion gear pump each take a turn, the amount of discharge is the same. With the continuous rotation of the drive shaft, the gear pump extrusion will discharge fluid uninterrupted. Extrusion gear pump flow directly out of gear speed of the pump.

  In fact, in the extruder gear pump has a small amount of fluid loss, which makes extrusion gear pump efficiency can reach 100%. Because these fluids are used to lubricate bearings and gears on both sides, and extrusion gear pump can never be without a clearance fit, it can not be discharged from the fluid outlet 100 percent, so a small amount of fluid

  Loss is inevitable. However, extrusion gear pump can still run good, for most extrusion materials, it can reach 93 to 98% efficiency.

  For viscosity or density changes in the process fluid, the extrusion gear pump will not be affected too much. If there is a damper, such as a discharge port side of the screen or to put a limiter, and then push the fluid out of the gear pump through them. If the damper changes in their work, that is, if the filter is dirty, blocked, or limiter back pressure, and the extrusion gear pump will maintain a constant flow rate until the device reaches the weakest parts mechanical limit (usually equipped with a torque limiter).

  For an extruder gear pump speed is actually limited, depending on the process fluid, if the oil is delivered, extrusion gear pump is able to rotate at high speed, but when the fluid is a When the high viscosity of the polymer melt, such restrictions will be significantly reduced.

  To promote high viscosity fluid into the inlet side of the two tooth space is very important, if this does not fill the space, the gear pump can not be discharged out of the flow rate accurately, so the PV (pressure * flow rate) is another limitation factor, but also a process variable. Because of these limitations, extrusion gear extrusion gear pump manufacturer will provide a range of products, that is, different specifications and emission (each turn of the discharged amount). The extrusion gear pump and specific application process which cooperate to make the system capacity and price optimization.

  Extrusion gear pump gear and shaft for a total of one, using whole body hardening process, get a longer working life. "D" type bearing a combination of forced lubrication mechanism, the polymer via a bearing surface, and return to the extrusion gear pump inlet side, in order to ensure effective lubrication of the rotating shaft. This feature reduces the likelihood of retention and degradation of the polymer. Precision machined extrusion gear pump can "D" type bearings and gear shaft exact fit, to ensure that no eccentric gear shaft to prevent gear wear. Parkool seal with PTFE lip seal structure together constitute a water-cooled sealed. This fact does not contact the sealing surface of the shaft, the sealing principle it is cooled to a semi-molten polymer to form a self-sealing state. You can also use Rheoseal sealed it on the inner seal is formed with a reverse spiral groove, the polymer can be imported back pressure back. For ease of installation, the manufacturer has designed a ring bolt mounting surface, so that the flange mounting other equipment fitted, which makes it easier to manufacture tubular flange.

  Extrusion gear extrusion gear pump with a heating element and out of the gear pump that matches the specification for the user matching. This ensures rapid heating and thermal control. Extrusion gear pump body heat in different ways, these damaged components is limited to a board, it has nothing to do with the entire extrusion gear pump.

  Extrusion gear extrusion gear pump is driven by an independent motor, can effectively block the pressure pulsation and flow fluctuations upstream. In the extrusion gear extrusion gear pump outlet pressure pulsation can be controlled within 1%. In the extrusion line extruding using an extruder gear pump gears, can increase the flow output rate, to reduce the material in the extruder shear and residence time, temperature and pressure pulsation reducing extrusion to improve productivity and product quality .

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