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Use Batte extrusion gear pump benefits

  According to market statistics and introduction of products with motor + reducer + Vientiane coupling + pump drive mode, the motor with frequency control, free to the required flow rate can also be added according to customer requirements using electrical heating or hot rod medium heating, the seal is generally spiral manner sealing and spices, but also use other forms of mechanical seals according to customer requirements.

extrusion gear pump

  When the extrusion gear pump with a single-screw or twin-screw extruder used in tandem, can significantly increase the effectiveness of the entire production line: can effectively reduce the material output instability caused by the extruder parameters and pressure pulsations, etc., stable output pressure; The extruded product minimizes dimensional tolerances and reduce scrap and scrap, even with an ordinary extruder, can produce high-precision products; original screw to the die build pressure instead extrusion gear pump to die build pressure, reducing the pressure for the screw so that the screw can be efficiently extrusion speed and adjusting the extruder backpressure and reduce melt residence time in the screw barrel, stable plasticizing process, reducing melt temperature, extrusion production and improve the quality of products; the same time, but also greatly reduce the wear between screw and barrel, reducing the load on the thrust bearing gearbox to extend the life of the extruder, and effectively solve the extruder in the production process the need to take the material exhaust problem.

  Data show that the co-rotating twin-screw extruder and melt granulator combination, their mixing quality and production to be significantly higher than the single twin-screw granulation unit, energy consumption per kilogram of material is usually reduced by about 25 percent, Therefore, the majority of consumers who, when you see a extrusion gear pump with Bart has so many benefits, Do not you get started? As the saying goes: heart, not action -

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