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The polymer extruded through the gear pump

The polymer extruded through the gear pump

Multi-component composite materials, the use of a co-extrusion process is one of the simplest methods. At present, it has become one of the most advanced plastic forming processing methods. Polymer extrusion process by the gear pump is a kind of use several different melt extrusion machine provided material flow, within a complex nose rendezvous in extrusion processing process of multilayer composite product.
extrusion gear pump
It can make the multilayer materials with different characteristics in the process of extrusion composite together, make the excellent characteristics of products with different materials, complement each other, on the performance and the performance and appearance, special requirements such as blocking ability of oxygen and moisture, shading, heat preservation, thermal forming and thermal bonding ability, as well as the strength, stiffness, hardness and other mechanical properties. These multilayer composite materials with comprehensive properties have extremely wide application value in many fields.

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