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Plastic extrusion pump process experiment steps

Plastic extrusion pump process experiment steps

1, according to the material to determine the processing temperature of each paragraph. When the set temperature and the actual temperature, the need to heat 10 to 20 minutes or by hand to turn the screw, if you turn it shows that the set temperature and barrel temperature has been consistent, the barrel of residual material has also been melted.

2, check the operation of the various parts of the plastic extrusion pump as usual is ready to boot.

3, boot steps:

a. First set the speed of main engine and feeding motor, its speed should be lower, that is, the main engine can be set as 5 ~ 10 HZ feeding motor to 10 ~ 15 HZ.

b. First start the oil pump, supply gear box lubrication.

c. Start the host.

d. Start the feed motor

e. When the head of the material extrusion, the appropriate increase in the host and feed motor speed and pelletizer speed, you can stable production.

4, shutdown steps

a. Preparing for parking If you are processing a thermosensitive resin such as PVC, wash the car with a cleaning material or a car wash with a high-pressure polyethylene to clean the heat-sensitive resin in the barrel before shutting down.

b. Turn off the feed motor first

c. Turn off the main motor

d. Turn off the pump

e. Turn off the heating and total power
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Fives. Screw pump extrusion molding record content

1, record the name of the material used, grade, origin or formula number.

2, record the set temperature of each paragraph

3, the host, feed and pelletizing motor speed

4, the appearance of the size and output of pellets and other relevant provisions.

5, record the device name, specifications, manufacturers

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