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Gear pump shell liquid squeeze casting

Liquid squeeze casting, the liquid metal is injected into the metal mold cavity, and then the liquid metal cavity rapid pressure forming, crystallization under pressure. It is a combination of forging and casting process, also known as liquid metal forging. The process of development for a long time, but long-term is not taken seriously. In recent years, foreign countries have a wide range of applications in the fields of transportation machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace and weaponry industries, but it is still a young craft in our country. In this paper, the gear pump housing, the wall thickness of 30 ~ 40mm, the use of metal gravity casting or low pressure casting, there are shrinkage, porosity and other defects, the rejection rate often up to 30 to 50%. After using liquid extrusion, casting quality significantly improved, rejection rate dropped to about 3%, mechanical properties also improved, to meet user requirements.
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Batte is one of gear pump manufacturers supplying extrusion melt pumps. Melt pump also called extrusion gear pump for gear sturcture.

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