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Application of Melt Booster Metering Gear Pump in Extrusion Line

It is possible that you have already heard or read some of the introduction and articles on the application of the melt boost gauge gear pump on the extrusion line. And there are many reports about the advantages of installing this pump. But what is the value of a gear pump for a specific process? What are the actual benefits and costs? How can we know? These questions are of concern.

For applications of gear pumps on extruders, this interest has been growing over the past decade, particularly in thin film and sheet extrusion applications. Of course, the real cause of this interest is the Melt Booster Metering Gear Pump can improve product quality, increase production, reduce supplies, especially when the melt density or product changes.

But how should these benefits be obtained? What is the benefit of any kind of application? How can you see these benefits on the production line? What kind of return can you get?

In this article, we will discuss these and other related issues and try to explain how this gear pump has an effect on an extrusion line. We will mainly discuss the transformation of the production line, that is, in the original extrusion line to increase the effect of a metering pump.

In this article, we will Zenith factory in the United States PEP-II gear pump, for example, that Melt Booster Metering Gear Pump application principle and effect.

batte Melt Booster Metering Gear Pump is designed for polymer production, especially extrusion production process design, and its excellent performance can be used for a variety of process conditions, PEP-II pump with the current market compared to any pump The maximum pump efficiency. Its manufacturing materials for the latest development of the tool steel, and the use of quintic hardening process, in order to obtain a longer life and better pressure capacity.

The batte process for high hardness materials is more sophisticated in size errors than other pump manufacturers.

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