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Extrusion gear pump work flow

The extrusion gear pump will not be affected much by viscosity or density of fluid in the process. If there is a damper, such as a strainer or a limiter on the outlet side, the extrusion gear pump pushes the fluid through them. If the change in damper work, i.e. if the mesh become dirty, blocked, or limiter back pressure increased, the pump will continue to maintain a constant flow, until reach the device in the weakest parts of the mechanical limit (usually equipped with a torque limiter). For a pump rotation speed, in fact, there is a limit, this mainly depends on the process fluid, if transfer is oil, pump can be rotating at high speed, but when the fluid is a kind of high viscosity polymer melt, the restrictions could be greatly reduced. Promote viscous fluid into the suction side of the two tooth space is very important, if not fill the space, the extrusion gear pump will not be able to discharge accurate flow, so the PV value (pressure) x velocity is also a limiting factor, and it is a process variable. As a result of these restrictions, the manufacturers of gear pumps will provide a range of products, i.e. different specifications and displacement (the amount of discharge per cycle).

These extrusion gear pumps will be combined with specific application processes to optimize system capabilities and prices. The gear and shaft of the PEP-II pump are integrated with the shaft, and the working life can be obtained by using the solid hardening process. The "D" type bearing combines the forced lubrication mechanism to enable the polymer to surface on the bearing and return to the inlet side of the pump to ensure the effective lubrication of the rotating shaft. This feature reduces the likelihood of polymer retention and degradation. Precision machining of pump body can make the "D" type bearing and gear shaft precisely cooperate to ensure that the gear shaft is not eccentric to prevent gear wear. Parkool seal structure and teflon lip seal are combined to form water - cooled seal. The seal does not actually touch the surface of the shaft, which is sealed by cooling the polymer to a semi-molten state. It can also be sealed by Rheoseal, which can be processed with reverse spiral groove on the inner surface of the shaft, which can be pushed back to the inlet.

For easy installation, the manufacturer designed a ring bolt mounting surface to fit the flange mounting of other equipment, making it easier to manufacture the cylinder flange. The PEP-II extrusion gear pump has a heating element matching the pump's specifications, which can be selected by the user, which can guarantee fast heating and heat control. Unlike the pump, the damage is limited to one board, not the entire pump. The gear pump is driven by an independent motor which can effectively block the upstream pressure pulsation and flow fluctuation. The pressure pulse at the outlet of the gear pump can be controlled at 1%. On the production line adopts a gear pump, can improve the flow output speed, reduce the material in the extruder shear and the resident time, reduce the extrusion temperature and pressure pulsation in order to improve productivity and product quality.

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