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Turbine Pumps and Screw Pumps

Batte offer turbine pumps and screw pumps of Batte Industrial Pumps. Details of Mini turbine pumps, Gather mini turbine pump, and S series screw pumps are as follows, such as applications and features.

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Turbine Pumps and Screw Pumps details:
Turbine Pumps are robust, multi purpose processing pumps for dosing, pumping and circulation fluids such as water, acids, alkaline liquids and solvents.

Mini turbine pumps:
Modular, magnetically coupled, multi purpose pumps for the processing industry with exchangeable pumpheads. Modular, magnetically coupled, multi purpose pumps for the processing industry with exchangeable pumpheads. For lubricating and non-lubricating fluids.

Gather mini turbine pump:
Modulaire, magneetgekoppelde turbinepompen. SIP en CIP reinigbaar.
Geschikt voor ATEX zones 1, 2 en

Available types of S series screw pumps:
WTG series: Twin screw with timing gear
NTG series: Twin screw non-timing gear
Triple screw pumps
Multi-phase twin screw pumps WTG

S series screw pumps applications:
Screw pumps for transferring large flows up to 42,000 l/min. For low viscous fluids up to viscous fluids.
S Series screw pumps are perfectly suited for applications with the process, energy, transport and marine markets. Applications requiring a pump that can move low viscous fluids, as well as transfer viscous liquids.
These pumps are ideally suited for high-pressure oil transfer, but also offer many configurations for non-lubricating, LPG, sulfur, various other clean fluids and even abrasive fluids.
The S Series offers a vast array of pumps with features and options to meet your process requirements.

S series screw pumps characteristics:
Vertical, horizontal and mobile configurations
Solid handling options
Non-lubricant fluid options

S series screw pumps parameters:
Flow: 16.67 - 42,000 l/min
Inlet pressure: 8 bar
Differential pressure: 100 bar
Temperature: -30ºC - +350ºC
Viscosity: 0.5 - 200,000 mPas

S series screw pumps applications:
Chemicals, Caustics, Adhesives, Food and beverage, Soap, Petrochemicals, Acids, Polymers, Crude oil, Bitumen, Diesel, Seawater, Lube oil, Kerosene, Oilfields, Residuals, Bulk transfer, Loading/unloading, Terminals, Shipping, Bilge and ballast, Fire-suppression

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