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Melt pump properties

Melt pump is a kind of gear pump and used for extrusion, plastics processing and compunding. Melt pump properties in design of different parts will be shown in this article, and they are the most important.
melt pump
Melt pump properties:
Adapted zone power cartridges (40%/20%/40%)
--less heating power near the melt canals
--no degradation of the flows

Pressure sensor threads are already integrated in the housing of the gear pump (no additional adapter with sensor holes necessary) -- more economical. The pressure sensors are located in the flat part of the inlet and discharge canals (optimized for flow so that there are no dead corners where the melt stagnates)

Small volume in the inlet and discharge canals (short residual time of the melt)

Flow canals optimized for the melt flow

Can be supplied as an unit with a screenchanger (no additional adapters) -- more economical

Different ways to control the system are possible: from a simple control unit to the Siemens S7-300 everything is possible

Connecting adapters can be delivered as well

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