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Three ways of heat treatment for gear of melt pump

  In the accessories of melt pump, the function of gear is very big, because the rotation of gear determines the running state of melt pump, and the way of heat treatment of gear directly determines the running efficiency of gear.

  The first way is surface hardening treatment, which has better torque transmission, that is to say, in the process of gear operation, it is not easy to break under high load. However, the hardness difference between the metal surface and the inner surface is very large, which will cause the hard metal to crush the soft metal layer in a damaged state. The second method of heat treatment is harden type treatment, which has better anti-wear ability, and will not cause the whole gear failure due to the surface damage. However, there is also a defect in this treatment method, that is, the gear will be more and more hard in the process of operation, so it is easy to damage, especially sensitive to torque and vibration. The third method of heat treatment is to harden the surface again after the quenching treatment, so that the hardness of the whole surface and the inside will not be too different, and the surface will have a strong ability to resist damage, and then the transmission torque will be greatly improved.

  The three kinds of gear heat treatment methods of melt pump are more practical, because the defects of the first and second kinds of heat treatment methods are obvious; at present, melt pump manufacturers generally adopt the third kind of heat treatment method, after quenching, in case of surface hardening, all the problems of the first two kinds of heat treatment are solved, so that the gear will not appear when running In case of hardening, the probability of wear is much lower.

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