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melt pump for Appearance of melt blown fabric substitutes

  The new substitute material produced in China is called expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. At present, the substitute produced by melt pump has been put into the production of mask. It can be equivalent to N95 or kn95 standard isolation capacity, and its permeability is good, it can be used for many times instead of melt pump. Yang Maoliang, general manager of Haohua technology of China Chemical Group, said that at present, the price of this material is equivalent to that of melt blown cloth. Considering that it can be reused, if it is put on the market, it will play a positive role in stabilizing the market price of mask raw materials.

  Another kind of nano membrane filtration material. This kind of nano coating material, which can replace the melt blown cloth as the raw material of mask, is only 2-3 microns thick and thinner than the cicada wing. The breathing resistance of the disposable protective mask is between 70-100 PA, while the minimum breathing resistance of the mask sample made of this membrane material is only 10-20 PA, which is far higher than the standard requirements. It is reported that the nano coated filter material has passed the inspection of Zhejiang light industrial product quality inspection institute, national textile and garment product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Zhejiang) and other professional inspection institutions.

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