batte melt pump

High Viscosity Metering Pump for melt blown fabric

  The feature of the nozzle is to extrude the melt by capillary. The polymer melt 1 passes through the capillary 3 passing through the air chamber 2 and is extruded from the opening of the air plate. In this region, the heat transfer from hot air to polymer is very effective. There can be 1~4 rows of capillary spinnerets, and the capillary spacing is about 1.5mm. Therefore, there can be 22~448 holes in 11.4cm wide spinnerets. A group of spinnerets can have 8 spinnerets, each of which has a planetary pump with multi tube output to deliver the same amount of polymer, while the air delivery of each spinneret can be adjusted separately. Several groups of spinning plates can be installed in parallel to form a production device of required width.

  The polymer melt is extruded from the capillary, and the draft hot air in the air chamber is ejected from the gap between the screen and the capillary, and the polymer melt extruded from the capillary is drawn into microfiber. Due to the use of multiple rows of spinneret holes, the production speed and output are greatly increased. When the working width is large, a plurality of metering High Viscosity Metering Pumps for melt blown fabric are arranged to ensure the uniformity of the mass per unit area of the melt blown fiber mesh. The system can produce melt blown nonwovens with fiber diameter of 1 ~ 50 μ um by changing die head. If the working width of die head is 50.8cm, the output is 300kg / h (fiber diameter is 10 μ m).

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