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Installation technology of pipe centrifugal melt pump

The key to the installation of centrifugal melt pump is to determine the installation height of the pump. This height refers to the vertical distance from the water surface of the water source to the center line of the pump impeller. It can not be confused with the vacuum height that allows the suction of the water pump. The allowable vacuum height indicated on the pump product specification or nameplate is the vacuum value on the water intake section of the pump, and it is under the condition of the 1 standard atmospheric pressure and the water temperature of 20 degrees centigrade. Tested and measured. It did not consider the water flow condition after the matching of suction pipes. And the height of the pump installation should be to allow the vacuum height to be allowed to deduct the loss of the water pipe, the remaining part of the value, it should overcome the actual height of the topographic water absorption. Pump installation height should not exceed the calculated value, otherwise, the pump will not be pumped up. In addition, the size of the calculated value is the resistance loss lift of the suction pipe. Therefore, the shortest pipeline arrangement should be adopted, and the fitting of the elbow should be used as little as possible, and the appropriate size of the pipe can be considered in order to reduce the flow velocity in the pipe.

It should be pointed out that the height and water temperature of the installation site of the pipe centrifugal melt pump are different from the test conditions, such as the local elevation of 300 meters above sea level or the water temperature of the pumped water exceeds 20 degrees Celsius, then the calculated value should be corrected. That is, the atmospheric pressure at different altitudes and the saturated vapor pressure at temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. However, when the water temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius, the saturated vapor pressure can be neglected.

From the pipeline installation technology, the water suction pipe requires strict sealing, can not leak gas, water leakage, otherwise will destroy the pump intake of the vacuum degree, so that the water pump water decrease, and even when the water is serious. Therefore, we must conscientiously do a good job in the pipeline interface work to ensure the quality of pipeline connection construction.

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