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The daily maintenance of the gear melt pump

(L) the disintegration and cleaning of pumps should be strictly regulated in accordance with the regulations so as to avoid undue losses.

(2) attention should be paid to the stability of the population pressure of the pressurized pump so that it has a stable volume efficiency, which is conducive to the operation of the pump itself and the stability of the quality of the downstream spinning.

(3) the filling shaft seal melt pump with negative pressure should keep the pressure of the stuffing box higher than the external atmospheric pressure. When the back pressure is lowered, the pressure of the stuffing box should be adjusted in time. Otherwise, the pump will inhale the air, resulting in the strip breakage of the casting strip, affecting the grain cutting and causing the pellet machine to release.

(4) to check the temperature of the melt pump heat medium jacket regularly, the main body should be consistent with the heat medium temperature of the front and rear cover.

(5) when each output is raised, the output, speed, exit, entrance pressure and current value should be recorded, and the data are compared and analyzed carefully so as to find out the abnormal and deal with it in time as soon as possible.

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