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The extrusion sheet die is in the front end of the extruder, used for the pipe material, or the mold of the profile.

The extrusion sheet dies are one of the moulds, except that the way he produces them is by squeezing the action. In the case of the wide application of aluminum heterostructure, it is also used in the plastic parts.

The extrusion sheet dies are one of the moulds, except that the way he produces them is by squeezing the action. It is widely used in aluminum heteromorphic structure and is also used in plastic parts. In the front end of extruder for industrial aluminum extruder, used for pipe or profile. In short, the mold is a tool for forming objects, which are made up of various parts, and different parts are made up of different parts. It mainly realizes the processing of object shape by changing the physical state of the molding material.

Extrusion die can use a metaphor to describe: turn the pump on the floor to dig a ruler shaped holes, the air outlet closed, take out the pistons, cylinder is fitted with yellow, plug in the piston dangling aluminum alloy extrusion flow chart "pep talk", you can get a extrusion Angle iron. This pump is the extrusion die. In fact, the extrusion die is similar to this, the strength is high, the hard alloy of powder metallurgy is made "floor", the hydraulic press "pump".

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